HICTOP Dog Grooming Clippers Kit Quiet Cordless Pet Electric Shaver for Thick Coats Small Dogs Pets


  • Motor's Power: Advanced, patented 12V motor delivers increased power(7200 rotations per minutes). Hictop pet grooming clippers will cut through very smoothly when cutting through coarse and matted dog coats,and it would rarely get clogged because of hair. And prevent your pets' skin from being injured.
  • More Shaper Ceramic Blades: Made of a combination of the Alloy fixed & ceramic blades, which do not conduct heat much so they are perfect for long grooming sessions.
  • Medium Size & Light: It has been designed ergonomically,so it fits comfortably in your hand,and your hand enjoys the hold for long durations,Hictop lightweight dog clippers allow you to avoid wrist fatigue.
  • Low Noise: Hictop pet grooming clippers are more powerful but with lower noise which operate at no more than 55 decibels. So your dogs will not get anxious around low noisy clippers, which can make the grooming experience comfortable for both of you.
  • Cordless & Super Long Battery Life: The batteries of Hictop pet clippers powered by Lithium provide a lot more power, torque and charge cycles(2000 mAh).Charged up in 120 minutes and lasts 270 minutes.They also have no more memory effect than other regular batteries.You can use them anywhere in your home even if there isn't an outlet nearby.
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