Flex Magnetic Two layer Print Hot Bed Sticker Build Surface Tape for 3D Printer


1.It composed of 2 magnetic layers, one with 3M adhesive and the other one without.
2. Sticks the one with 3M adhesive onto the 3D printer platforms or heated bed, and put the other one on it ( there is magnetic between 2 layers)
3. It helps improve the molding accuracy of the filament, helps the filament stick during printing and prevent the print from warping.
4. It is easy to clean and remove the printed part after that.
5. Recommended filament:  PLA 

6. The temperature of the hot bed should not exceed 80 degrees. Or it will be easy to separate.


Size: 220*220 mm / 300*300 mm / 310*310 mm (optional)

Color:Red or Blue

Recommended filament: PLA, WOOD, PCL, TPU, Flexible


Package included: 2 layers hot bed sticker build surface tape



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